We are closed for the season.  See you in our new tasting room in Spring 2022!

Chain Reaction Winery
980 Naramata Rd, Penticton BC

Getting here from Penticton:

We are near the start of the Naramata Bench – just after the cluster of wineries including Little Engine, Red Rooster and Ruby Blues.   See below for map.

Getting here from the KVR trail:

Where the KVR trail intersects with Davenport Rd (where the Trail Store used to be and soon to be Abandoned Rail Brewing Company), walk up Davenport, and we are right across the street.  You will have earned a drink by the time you hike up here!

Getting here from Naramata:

We are the property with the toilet on the rock just after Davenport Rd!  Many of you are nodding your heads knowing exactly which property we are, and for those of you who don’t know, good on you for keeping your eyes on the road!