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Joel and Linda Chamaschuk cycling Axel Merckx Fondo
Joel and Linda Chamaschuk cycling in front of Painted Rock

“You start with the life you think you want, but if you’re really fortunate, end up with the life you were meant to have through a chain reaction of events”

Since we first met in the early 1990’s, we have vacationed in the Okanagan every summer. We have great memories of camping in West Kelowna and cycling and visiting the wineries there.  This is where we first discovered wine, and have been huge BC Wine advocates ever since.  More recently, we began visiting the South Okanagan for cycling and triathlon events/training weekends, which also gave us a chance to explore the wineries in these areas.  We never dreamed we might one day have our own winery!

In 2017, after having worked several decades in the technology sector in Vancouver, we realized we really wanted something new and different from our lives.  One too many long commutes in the rain was the tipping point.  We fell in love with our Naramata Bench property from the moment we set eyes on it. It is a block from the Kettle Valley Rail trail, and right on Naramata Road – two of our favorite cycling and running routes.  It was an orchard with amazing views of Okanagan Lake, and with its topography we knew it would be a prime vineyard site and ideal location for a winery.

We moved in early 2018 to pursue our dream of starting a vineyard and opening a winery.   Joel enrolled in the viticulture program at Okanagan College, and then got right to work removing the orchard and preparing the land before planting our first vineyard in spring 2019.  It has been a challenge, tremendous amount of work and a huge learning experience ever since! 

We are a small family run operation and are involved in every aspect of this operation from managing the vineyards, making wine, working in the tasting room, marketing and label design.  Our production will always be small because we want to continue this hands-on approach.  We like to think that our passion for wine, cycling and this amazing lifestyle will shine through in each bottle of wine.

We chose the name Chain Reaction for 3 reasons:

  • The chain references our love of cycling and triathlon
  • A chain reaction of events brought us to where we are now
  • A chain reaction occurs while transforming grapes into great wine!

We hope you will come visit us, hear more of our stories and taste our amazing wines!

Joel & Linda