Frequently Asked Questions

Wine Club Information

It is free to sign up!  We only require that you commit to purchasing 2 shipments.  Though we really do recommend staying in our club each year because we are always doing fun and exciting things in the winery!

If you visit our tasting room and provide your email address, the system will create a customer account for you and send you an Account Activation email.  Follow the steps in the email to set your password.  You can also create an account directly on our website by clicking on the Create one link at the bottom of the login page

To login to your account, click the Login link on the header bar on our website, and then enter your login information.

Our wine club has a spring and fall shipment.  The timing is approximately April and November.  As we are a small team and juggling many tasks, the timing can vary - depending on bottling, harvest, etc.

For every wine club shipment, we will put together what we call a “curated” shipment of specially selected wines consisting of new vintages, club exclusives, and small batch wines. If you wish to accept the curated shipment as is, you don't need to do anything!

One advantage of our wine club over others is that it is fully customizable.  You can add additional wines, which is a great way to take advantage of any sales or specials, shipping discounts and get more of small batch wines that may sell out quickly.  If the curated shipment isn't to your particular preferences, you can customize it to your personal tastes.  The only requirement is that you must purchase 6 bottles (for the Cycle 6 club) or 12 bottles (for the Peloton club).

Login to your customer account, and then click the Club Memberships tab – this will show the wines we have pre-selected in the curated shipment.

The Pickup Location or Shipping address will be shown.  If you would like to change it, click on the Change button.

The credit card that our system has on file will be shown (card type and last 4 digits). If you would like to change it, click on the Change button.

If you would like to add additional wines, or change wines, click the Edit Wines button.

If you want to remove a wine that is currently in your shipment, click the X on the top right. The wine will be removed and replaced with an empty wine bottle picture.

To add a different wine, scroll down to the Available Wines section, and click the + (plus sign) button. It will be added to the top section and become part of your shipment.

When you are done making changes, click Save Selections at the top of the screen.

We understand that sometimes life can sometimes throw us curve balls.  If you would like to remain a member but skip the next scheduled shipment, please contact us.

Absolutely! Your preferences are important to us, and we know they can change from time to time.  We offer flexibility in changing your wine selections or membership provided we are given 14 business days notice prior to the shipping date. If notice is not provided, your initial selection will be used.

When you join our wine club, you are committing to membership for a period of one year. If you cancel your membership within this timeframe, you will be subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.

We understand that situations can change, so you will also have the option of placing your membership on hold.  Please contact us directly if you wish to hold or cancel your membership.  We are always doing fun and exciting things in the winery, so we would hate for you to miss out on anything.

Payment & Shipping

When you enroll in the wine club and provide us with your credit card information, you are giving us permission to charge your card for your regular scheduled club shipments.  Your card will be automatically charged for your wine club order on the designated processing date.

We use ATS Healthcare as our trusted shipper. Their trucks are temperature controlled and so you never have to worry about your wines getting damaged due to extreme heat or cold.  ATS sends an emailed tracking link so you know the status of your shipment.

For some rural/remote addresses, we may opt to ship via Canada Post (due to cost), however they do not provide temperature controlled shipping. If your address is one that needs to be shipped by Canada Post, we will contact you.

Someone over 19 must be available to sign for the shipment.  Please ensure that you are available to receive your shipment as we are charged for every redelivery attempt.  We reserve the right to charge for excessive redelivery attempts.

If your card expires or you wish to use a different credit card, you can contact us at the winery and we can update it for you, or you can update it yourself.   Click the Login link on the header bar on our website, and then enter your login information.  If you have not created an account yet, use the link in the account activation email we sent, or click on the Create one link at the bottom of the login page.  From the Payment area on the Dashboard, click the Edit link.

Someone over the age of 19 must be present to sign for delivery of the wine. If no one is home, ATS will leave a door knocker so you know they have attempted delivery. You must contact them directly to arrange for another delivery date.  We pay for redelivery charges so we appreciate if someone can be there to sign on the first delivery.

You can also make special requests to have your shipment delivered during certain times or on certain days.  Or you can have your shipment held at the winery until you can be home to receive it.

Shipping to an office or business is always recommended as someone will be there during delivery times. You can always change your shipping address through your club account online or contact us directly and we can change it for you.

Yes of course!  When you join the club, just indicate the pickup option.  We can hold onto your club shipments for up to a month past the processing date.

Loyalty Points

Points are earned on any purchase - whether a club order, tasting room or online purchase.  Points are earned on the base purchase only, and not taxes or shipping.

Customers will earn points at one of the following levels:

  • Non wine club members earn 1 point for every $1 spent; or
  • Active Cycle 6 Bottle club members earn 2.5  points for every $1 spent; or
  • Active Peloton 12 Bottle club members earn 5 points for every $1 spent

Points can also be earned for:

  • Creating a new customer account (200 points)
  • Wine club referrals (2500 points)
  • Wine club order pickups (2500 points)

The more you purchase, the more points you will earn!

Your loyalty point balance is available on your dashboard once you login to your online customer account.  In the tasting room, any staff can bring up your account and tell you how many points you have.

The Loyalty Points block indicates the points tier, how many points you have and the equivalent dollar value.  Click on View history to see your points balance, as well as each transaction and loyalty points earned or redeemed.

No! Your loyalty points are good until you use them.  If you cancel your wine club membership, your point balance at that time remains available to redeem for future qualifying purchases.

Every point is worth 1 cent, or 100 points is equivalent to $1 .  2500 points is equal to $25.

Your loyalty points can be used to purchase wine, or anything we offer such as merchandise, food on the patio, gift cards, or event tickets.

Points are not redeemable for cash, only towards purchases.

Points can be redeemed anytime for online purchases or in the tasting room.  Unfortunately our system does not allow loyalty points to be used for club orders.

To redeem points online, on the Payment page, click the Redeem button.  Enter your credit card information for the remaining balance (if applicable) and click the Place Order button.

No - points cannot be transferred to anyone else.